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Renewable U’s success is driven by our people and their ability to execute our strategy. Our core values guide us and provide us with our foundation in building a company we can all be proud of.

Board of Directors and Management Team

Director and Chairman

Eric M.

Eric Leslie has extensive experience in the areas of; management consulting, corporate governance, finance, and the structuring / funding of both public and private companies. Mr. Leslie is the Co-founder and an Advisor at TRION Battery Technologies Inc., Principal of Merchant Equities Capital Corp., Strategic Advisor at Legible Inc. and an Advisor at Meta Materials Inc.


Director and Chief Executive Officer


Raphael Bohlmann is an experienced executive and a progressive entrepreneur with creative vision and insight. He has extensive knowledge in marketing and board governance in addition to his background in franchise ownership and real estate. Mr. Bohlmann is a seasoned negotiator, where he combines strong leadership with strategic analysis.


Jeff R.

Jeff R. Seymour is a Barrister & Solicitor in Calgary, Alberta and is currently the Managing Partner of one of the largest defence firms in the province. Mr. Seymour has extensive litigation experience in both Provincial and Federal offences and has expanded his law firm’s reach to over 50 jurisdictions in Alberta. Mr. Seymour is the founder and Managing Director of Seymour Capital, a private equity firm with a primary investment focus on renewable energy, commercial real estate, and innovative disruptive technology.

Director and EVP of Business Development & Indigenous Affairs


Lionel Robins has 20+ years of senior management and C-suite experience. Mr. Robins, a process and results-driven businessman, is skilled in project management, corporate finance, and recruiting and training high-impact teams.

Director and Chief Executive Officer


Ryan Jackson is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in real estate, finance, franchise businesses, and green technology. Mr. Jackson is a spirited entrepreneur with great vision and insight, and has extensive board experience. Mr. Jackson will deliver that experience and governance to every project partnership within Renewable U Energy Inc.

Chief Financial Officer


Swapan Kakumanu, CFO, brings over 25+ years of senior finance and operations experience. Mr. Kakumanu has served at senior executive management levels, both in public and private companies in high growth technology, ESG, blockchain, manufacturing, trading and oil field services industries, having held senior roles as President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary and served on Boards of some of these Companies. Swapan brings extensive experience in public company reporting, investor relations, mergers and acquisitions, internal controls and general overall financial and operational management.

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