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RenewableU Energy Inc. (RUEI) is a private-owned corporation in Canada, and is focused on strategic project investment in the renewable and alternative energy sector.  Our goal is to fund projects that make a difference in the world and fit within our ESG guidelines, while also giving a positive return to our stakeholders and partners.

RenewableU Energy Inc. (RUEI) is privately-owned, made up of shareholders from all over the world and from a broad range of professions.  Its original founders initially owned a large percentage of the company, while new shareholders and partners have joined over the years bringing solid experience and knowledge in areas that benefit the company, including energy, finance, legal, engineering, business management and industrial construction among others.  Its board  currently consist of 4 directors, led by our Chairman and co-founder, Eric Leslie.  Raphael Bohlmann is our CEO and one of the directors and co-founders.  Other directors are Lionel Robins, co-founder and Jeff Seymour, an early investor and significant shareholder in the company.

RenewableU Energy Inc. (RUEI) has MOU’s in place, to construct 9 commercial-scale facilities for Cielo in a Joint Venture agreement.  In the agreement, RUEI will fund 100% of the cost to build each facility. RUEI will receive 70% of the profits (with the other 30% to Cielo) until the original construction costs are recovered, after which the profits will be shared by ownership (50.1% to Cielo and 49.9% to RUEI).

No. As stated, RUEI is focused on strategic project investments in the renewable and alternative energy sector. Cielo fits well with our strategy and to date has formed a significant part of our planned investment portfolio, but RUEI has also engaged with several other projects in the sector and has plans in motion to continue to grow their portfolio outside of Cielo facilities over the coming years.

To start, RUEI was funded by shareholder investment. RUEI has the backing of like-minded financiers, who offer solid terms allowing RUEI to combine their existing equity with significant access to debt. RUEI will continue to offer equity raise options for existing and new shareholders as large projects are rolled out, to combine with the debt and create more cash flow for RUEI, which will in turn be used to acquire partnerships in more projects and grow the company organically.

RUEI is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC). Although RUEI is a CCPC the number of shareholders in RUEI means that we no longer are able to issue shares as a “private issuer”. As RUEI grows and establishes more asset value through our project partnerships, the option to take RUEI public will be reviewed periodically to ensure we are in the best position to continue our growth and make a difference in the world.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, and is the basis for most green energy companies.  The environmental component is quite obvious as these projects help reduce GHG emissions, waste management problems, etc, but the key to a well-rounded ESG business plan is to also ensure we are respecting today’s front and centre social and governance issues.  These include steps to ensure fairness and inclusivity, respect for all peoples and empowerment and enrichment for those groups that have not been beneficiaries to those things in the past. 


RenewableU energy Inc. has a mission to not only create a sustainable and profitable business model for our investors and other partners, but also make a real difference in the world with respect to both environmental issues and inequality.  We work closely with Indigenous and other groups to form partnerships and alliances that create multi-generational wealth and prosperity for all, while doing our part to make the planet livable for future generations.

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